Rectitudeis the main featureof our Services


The services rendered are, but not limited to those outlined below.

    Pre-design stage Services

    This stage is a point of project inception and formation; the services at this stage include but not limited to:

  • Assisting clients (investors) in the task of project identification, formulation and preparation of Feasibility studies.
  • Assisting clients in project site selection and in the procurement of land and Title Deeds.
  • Assisting clients in the preparation of design program (Schedules of Accommodation).
  • Design Stage Services

    The services rendered at this stage comprise preparation of preliminary and final design in accordance with the project design program, site conditions and municipal regulations, giving due considerations to the form and function of the building. Coordinate the works of other technical professionals and compile specifications, quantities and contract document.

    Construction Stage Services

    Following the bid award and signing of contract document our firm undertakes formal supervision works either on the periodic or permanent basis whichever is the requirement of the project. The supervision work is essential to complete the works in compliance with the given drawings and specifications.

    Staffing Level

    In addition to these regular staff mentioned above the services of other experts can also incorporated as required on a temporary basis to perform specialized duties.